Aviation ETS compliance support services

Alpha Sierra Engineering provides the set of Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) compliance support services:

  • Emissions Monitoring Plan support (New / Updated MP);
  • Annual Emissions Report creation and data preparation;
  • Registry account management and CO2 certificate surrendering;
  • VPS monitoring and electronic communication; and
  • Tailor-made ETS training.

Alpha Sierra Engineering has capabilities to support clients administered by all existing European ETSes – EU, Swiss and UK.

ETS Emissions Monitoring Plan Support (New / Updated EMP)
Alpha Sierra Engineering provides the set of Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) compliance support services: will create a new or update the existing Monitoring Plan if needed.  Any further revisions or updates either mandated by a Competent Authority or due to organizational changes at the Client, are included.

Annual Emissions Report Creation and Data Preparation
Alpha Sierra Engineering supports the creation of the ETS Annual Emissions Report by consolidating the extracted ETS report data out of the Clients source systems or using EUROCONTROL ETS SF data (if the client is eligible for this method).
The report is prepared according to the ETS Monitoring and Reporting Guidelines. Created ETS Annual Emission Report will meet the current regulatory requirements and satisfy the verification requirements.

Registry Account Compliance and CO2 Certificate Surrendering
Alpha Sierra Engineering supports the entire AOHA (Aircraft Operator Holding Account) process of the Client. The account must be opened in the name of the operator. Alpha Sierra Engineering provides a second authorized account representative who will from there on, manage and execute all necessary activities to retain ETS compliance. In detail that will involve:
• Supporting Client in certificate purchase process;
• Surrendering and transferring transactions; and
• Account Confirmation.
The objective is to fulfil the Client’s surrendering obligation under the ETS regulations, meaning, to offset the actual emissions of the previous year with emissions certificates (carbon credits) and to surrender these to the Competent Authority.
The purchase of CO2 certificates is the sole responsibility of the Client. Alpha Sierra Engineering will recommend a reliable certificate broker and the number of missing certificates that should be purchased.

VPS monitoring and electronic communication
In this offering, Alpha Sierra Engineering operates the VPS (Virtual Post Office), applies the QES (Qualified Electronic Signature) as mandated by the German competent authority (C.A.) on behalf of the Client and processes all incoming and outgoing messages.
• Incoming messages (from the C.A. to the operator/ client) will be extracted from the VPS and forwarded via regular email to the operator/ client;
• Outgoing messages (from the operator/ client to the C.A.) will be received by Alpha Sierra Engineering via regular email, entered into the VPS, signed with the QES and send to the C.A.