ICAO CORSIA compliance support services

Alpha Sierra Engineering has been providing three CORSIA compliance support services to aeroplane operators and States since the scheme’s inauguration:

  • Emissions Monitoring Plan creation;
  • Aviation Emissions Report creation; and
  • ICAO CORSIA-related training and awareness workshops.

ICAO CORSIA Emission Monitoring Plan (EMP) Creation
In this offering, Alpha Sierra Engineering supports the creation of the initial CORSIA Emissions Monitoring Plan (EMP). Any further revisions or updates of EMP (either mandated by the Civil Aviation Authority or due to organizational changes at the Client) are included.

CORSIA Aviation Emissions Report (AER) Creation
Alpha Sierra Engineering supports the creation of CORSIA Annual Emission Reports by consolidating the extracted international flight data out of the Clients source systems and preparing the data according to the CORSIA SARPs Guidelines. Created annual emission reports will meet the current regulatory requirements and satisfy the verification requirements.


Delivery of ICAO CORSIA-related training and awareness workshops
Training and awareness workshops will be organized as a series of one-day events according to the Client’s needs.
Alpha Sierra Engineering provides tailored content that will be defined in cooperation with the Client. There is no limitation on the number of attendees from the Client side.

In case you are interested in our CORSIA-related offer, do not hesitate to contact us for a free quotation.